Our goal is to provide trustable information in videos and interactive content on digital media for the chocolate and slow food world.


Experienced in public relations and press advertising, bachelor degree in Communications. Blog: elviacynthia.net LinkedInd: Elvia Cynthia Titi.

I enjoy most types of food in different experiences. I am happy to discover the most tradicional food of a city, as well as the newest tendencies.

I enjoy chocolate in all its forms. I have visited cacao fields in the peruvian jungle. Now living between Greece and Germany starting to familiarize with specialty, bean to bar chocolate and cacao products.


8 Responses to ABOUT US

  1. Jenny Chapman says:

    I really liked Elvia’s approach to teaching Spanish – she was friendly and helpful. As a complete beginner I found the books and materials easy to use and liked the fact we practiced a mixture of writing, reading, talking and listening. Paracus is a great place to learn. I would recommend learning with Elvia whatever level of Spanish or amount of time you have. Jenny Chapman, England

    • titi_elvia says:

      Thank you, Jenny. We really liked to have you a as a student. You were the kind of traveler than spend part of his time working, so it was flattering for us that you invest your precious time learning Spanish with us. We remember you would like to keep traveling to South America. Here in this blog, check our links for Spanish Schools and study resources. We hope to see you back in Paracas, Peru.

  2. jo1876 says:

    I spent five days in Paracas and took a Spanish lesson with Elvia each day. I found Elvia to be a very good teacher and very approachable. She worked hard to focus on those areas where I needed most help. Overall, the classes have helped me greatly in picking Spanish up again having studied it to A-level over 20 years ago but not really used it much in the intervening years. It was easy to fit the classes in around tours to the Ballestas Islands (which run from 8am until 10am) and the Natural Reserve (from 11am to 3.30pm). There isn’t a whole lot more to do in Paracas (although it’s a nice relaxing place to spend a few days) so I found it a great place to fit in some language lessons, and I would highly recommend Elvia.
    Jo Wells, UK

    • titi_elvia says:

      Thank you! Teaching according to each student ‘s need is always a challenge for us. We are very happy to have meet your expectations. When you learn something with real interest not matter how many years has passed, you will always remember. We hope we keep motivating ours students to keep learning. Have a wonderful trip, and thank you for your trust.

  3. Katrina, Australia says:

    Elvia is such a warm, lovely teacher. I enjoyed our lessons and found it useful to encourage me to practice Spanish. All the best Elvia!

    • titi_elvia says:

      Thank you, Katrina. We really enjoy teaching and our students can feel that. Many people come to Paracas to see the national reserve, for sport options, or just to relax in their beautiful beaches. We are proud to say than our students always see us as very good option to make the most of their time, and get to know better Peruvian culture through Spanish. Once you´ll be home remember to watch movies in Spanish, many of them are really interesting. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. I had 5 days in Paracas and very last minute I contacted Elvia a few days before arriving to organise some lessons for my 5 days. She quickly found me a good teacher who visited my hostel to give me lessons during this time at a really reasonable price. Thank you for giving me a chance to brush up on my Spanish!!

    • titi_elvia says:

      Hello Joanna, thank you for your opinion here and on TripAdvisor. In this last it takes some days to be seen. We were happy to gave you classes. We are glad to know travelers like you are looking to brush up on their Spanish. We hope to see you back in Pisco and have a great trip !

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