“ Bonito Food Travel ” is a gastronomic and travel channel. We will be happy to promote: restaurants, slow food, food and chocolate experiences and related.


Every business plays a rol in society. Since the very traditional to those in the newest tendencies. Passion for service, food and chocolate bring us together.


If you are a leader, expert who feels their story is contributing I am happy to work with you.

Food Experience Advice

Peru is a country with unforgettable food experiences. A cacao tour in the jungle, a mushrooms harving in the Andean mountains, a fishing day in the Peruvian coast. As well as markets visits, chocolate pairing or cooking experiences. I share my experiences in Bonito Food travel channel and IG, and I can advise foodies willing to travel to Peru. Whether if you travel mainly for food or want a food experience to complement your trip.

Go to CONTACT. Please, explain your product, servise or date of arrival, include relevant data and your media.

YouTube, Instagram: @bonitofoodtravel

Facebook: Bonito Food Fans

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