Green travelers: 1st year ✈️🌳♻️

To be eco friendly travelers we can take simple steps. Some hotels have certifications and reconigtions for his envirementals actions, but the true is that a simple steps can save energy, water and avoid tons of detergent.

✈️🌳♻️ If you see green iniciatives share them and encourage the change. We read your comments.

 Picture 1: 2 glass for teeth brush, saving water without plastic in Hotel Posada Suiza in Huacachina, Ica Peru. Picture 2,3: Indications to save water, detergent. Rechargeable botles for shampoo and soap in Berlin, Germany.

#greentravelers #sustainablehotels #enviromentalconcious

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About Cyntia Elvia

My name and middle name: Elvia Cyntia; "Titi" has always been my nickname. I am a communicator and media producer. I live in Ica Peru. Currently producing "Bonito Food Travel" YouTube channel and media. Bonito Food Travel® focus on Food travel and sustainable lifestyle. Instagram: Bonito Food Travel Facebook: Bonito Food Fans Blog: Bonitofoodfans .com and Twitter: Cyntia Elvia Titi.
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