After 23 years the opportunity of visit of Machu Picchu a second time arrived. Our visit was December 1st from 11.30am to 2.30pm, approx. I had a list of options of restaurants to visit, but most of them were closed. The guide suggested a restaurant in front of the exit of the train station, with river view.  I think the Street was Imperio de los Incas, block 6. The order was grilled trout, it came with fried potatoes and some vegetables.

🐟 🏞 Harald drinked beer and I had lemonade in our Urubamba province good bye day. The trout was good but I found It has a small raw part in the thicker part of the filet. After the lunch a lady from the staff asked how was our experience and I told her. She said she will let the cooks know. Nice atmosphere and good service.  

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My name and middle name: Elvia Cyntia; "Titi" has always been my nickname. I am a communicator and media producer. I live in Ica Peru. Currently producing "Bonito Food Travel" YouTube channel and media. Bonito Food Travel® focus on Food travel and sustainable lifestyle. Instagram: Bonito Food Travel Facebook: Bonito Food Fans Blog: Bonitofoodfans .com and Twitter: Cyntia Elvia Titi.
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