Take an Exploration Week

It was not an experimentation week. It started years ago, the first time my mother bought mashua. Life is a permanent exploration, for those who have a goal. But I want you to join me, so make your discovery week. If you feel Peruvian ingredients worth exploration, good news is that the way will be surprising and tasty.

A simple conclusion is that mashua can be used just replacing or complementing potatoes. They are soft, slightly sweet and colorful. Yellow or black mahuas can be used combined in a potatoes and mashua pie, or in Ajiaco. This is a first step, exploration is continuous, like in life.   

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About Cyntia Elvia

My name and middle name: Elvia Cyntia; "Titi" has always been my nickname. I am a communicator and media producer. I live in Ica Peru. Currently producing "Bonito Food Travel" YouTube channel and media. Bonito Food Travel® focus on Food travel and sustainable lifestyle. Instagram: Bonito Food Travel Facebook: Bonito Food Fans Blog: Bonitofoodfans .com and Twitter: Cyntia Elvia Titi.
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