I´ve always liked water biscuits or water crackers, ideal to combine with sweet o salty fills. These cookies might have some sugar, but you can hardly feel it. They have a bit of salt and they are crispy. Chincha crackers are round, big, so I just split them into smaller pieces. They are made in Chincha and Pisco in local bakeries. There are versions of water crackers by big national companies but I don´t really like them, so I never buy them.

I visited 3 bakeries in Chincha, they all make bread, water crackers, Butter biscuits and some other pastries. These Butter biscuits are not greasy at all, actually I feel they are kind of dry for that name. I was happy to visit Nestarez bakery. As you will see in the video coustumers do not enter to the bakery, there is a grid door. The owner didn´t open the door to receive me, but I understand he´s not use to be interviewed.

Now I have one more nice memory to associate with my childhood Chincha water crackers. You can get biscuits and cookies in the Chincha Market. See more stories in Peter and the Net channel and media.

FT2 Bakery


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My name and middle name: Elvia Cyntia; "Titi" has always been my nickname. I am a communicator and media producer. I live in Ica Peru. Currently producing "Bonito Food Travel" YouTube channel and media. Bonito Food Travel® focus on Food travel and sustainable lifestyle. Instagram: Bonito Food Travel Facebook: Bonito Food Fans Blog: Bonitofoodfans .com and Twitter: Cyntia Elvia Titi.
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