The Food tour Paracas is a new direction for Peter and the Net Channel. Lifestyle can include many subjects, but as I live a country that is an “ultimate discovery” for its food I decided to give my version. It is an 8 minutes video and give you practical advices. In this food tour we visited 4 towns of Pisco: Paracas, San Andres, Pisco downtown and Humay

I mention 5 must try. Must Try 1: water bread (pan de agua), it doesn´t have any sugar. Must Try 2: Bread and silverside fish (pan con pejerrey), it is Pisco city traditional breakfast. Must Try 3: Tiradito de Pejerrey (Tiradito has Silverside sea fish with Peruvian lemon and non too spicy chili pepper). Must Try 4: The national spirit Pisco. It took its name from Pisco city. Must Try 5: The most representative dessert is Alfajor dessert de Huancano. Huancano is a town of Pisco where you can see petroglyphs too.

Number 1 and 5 can be found at Pisco Market. You can try N° 2 and N°3 in Pisco, San Andres o Paracas. There are some good restaurants for seafood. N°4 the spirit Pisco can be found in some stores in Paracas and the mini markets in Plazuela Belen, Pisco downtown. I hope you enjoy the experience.

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About Cyntia Elvia

My name and middle name: Elvia Cyntia; "Titi" has always been my nickname. I am a communicator and media producer. I live in Ica Peru. Currently producing "Bonito Food Travel" YouTube channel and media. Bonito Food Travel® focus on Food travel and sustainable lifestyle. Instagram: Bonito Food Travel Facebook: Bonito Food Fans Blog: Bonitofoodfans .com and Twitter: Cyntia Elvia Titi.
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