This is the article version of video: Ethical Fashion Principles related to Straw Hat . Know as Panama Hat, but originally from Ecuador. Actually my hat doesn´t have any certification but I get it in an artisan market in Miraflores, Lima where producers are associated.

1 Respect for the environment .- One way to follow this principle is checking the material the item is made from. In this case is Toquilla straw, is the resistant fiber of a palm tree (carludovica palmata).

2 Buying Locally .- These hats are typical from Ecuador, so you can find them in some cities there. In Peru they can be found in Piura, Cajamarca and Lima. In Lima, you can find them in artisan markets in Miraflores, Lima and some stores in Lima Historic Downtown. Also in the artisans fair Ruraq Maki twice a year: July and December.                *Indian Market is in Av. Petit Thouars 5321. Ask for the (only) store that sales straw items.

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3 Buying artisanal products .- It means creating job opportunities to people living close to resources and patrimony. Also to preserve ancient traditions.

4 Preserve Traditions .- Actually the ancient tradition of knitting with Toquilla straw in Ecuador has been recognized by UNESCO like Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012. So who´s behind the clothes and accessories you wear?

Ruraq maki feria JD

5 Fair Trade .- It means to pay the producer a fair price, it can have a certification. Well, I have had cheaper nice summer hats, but the true is that they don´t really last. You can find a massive hat for 5$. Price depends on style, type of fiber and the time to elaborate it. A hat can be knit in a few days up to 6 moths. These toquilla straw hats are found in Peru from $20 to $100. In Ecuador the finest ones cost from $1 200 and can be found in European boutiques for even more. Yes !                                                                                           In Peru there are some NGO and other institutions that work with artisan to ensure a Fair Trade Commerce. According to some videos I saw it is the same situation in Ecuador.

be1 hat c

Well I´m very happy with my first Toquilla straw hat. I´m not sure what the model is, it seems to be a Classic Fedora. If you already have one, please show us a picture ! I think we all can look more attractive with some nice accessories.

be1 hat d

If you are planning to visit Sudamerica I hope you take it as a nice accessory. Thank you for Subscribing, Following channel and media. Instagram: www.instagram.com/petherandthenet/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/peter_andthenet If you like article and video, please “Like” and Share. I´ll talk to you in the comments

be1 hat aa

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